Munir Khan Tobacco was founded by Mr. Munir Khan in 1965 at Lahore, Pakistan, he started making diverse range of tobacco products for oral use like Naswar, and Menthol Naswar. Now after his retirement the company is run by his four sons Bilal Ahmed Khan, Gul Wali Khan, Umer Khan and Abdul Wali. Company now focuses on producing best quality traditional Naswar, Menthol Naswar, Bannu Naswar, Mardan Naswar, and distributing Virgina, and Rustica, tobacco all over the Pakistan. Munir Khan Tobacco also exports raw tobacco to other countries. Munir Khan Tobacco took another step to produce oral tobacco (Snus) for European, North American and Asian markets.

Our Team

Haji Munir Khan
Munir Khan

Founder, Munir Khan Tobacco

Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Khan

CEO, Munir Khan Tobacco.

Gul Wali
Gul Wali Khan

Director, Munir Khan Tobacco

Mian Umair
Mian Umair

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